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    What’s the purpose of our company?

    Our company, LANGKE (FOSHAN) Electronic Power Co., Ltd is energetically devoted to our belief in the importance of honesty, high effectiveness, long-standing relationships, and mutual profit with our partners.
    We are looking for potential agents, distributors and buyers in domestic market and oversea countries for further cooperation with high quality products and best services.

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    What’s the difference between High frequency machine and Low frequency machine?

    High frequency machine:  ( 220V + 10%)
    Is a business model, has the
    advantages of low cost, light weight, stable performance of the same, but the
    voltage is low or high city or hot and humid environment, and to high frequency
    radiation interference and small. For example, hospitals and other occasions,
    the inferior side.
    Low frequency machine:  ( 160V-265V )
    Belongs to
    industrial supplies, weight ratio of high frequency confidential, has stable and
    reliable impact resistance, can adapt to bad environment, has the defects of
    high cost.

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    What is Line-Interactive?

    Line-Interactive,  such as the Inter series of STK. The so-called line interactive UPS, refers to the input power is normal, UPS inverter is reverse to charge the battery pack, in the city of electrical anomaly inverter work immediately, the battery voltage is converted to the alternating current output, therefore on-line interactive UPS also has the conversion time. Compared with the backup UPS, online interactive UPS protection function is stronger, the inverter output voltage waveform is better, the general is sine wave, and its biggest advantage is a strong function of the software, such as Inter series UPS random with monitoring software, can easily access to UPS remote control and intelligent management.

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    What should I do if my UPS doesn't work?

    Mostly it is caused by weak battery. You may leave the UPS charging overnight and see if it works. If it still does not work, you may try to replace UPS batteries. For any question about battery replacement for different models, please contact your local agent for technical support.

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    What the types of UPS are?

    Generally, there are three UPS types-Off Line UPS, Line Interactive UPS and On Line UPS.

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