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EPS (Emergency Power Supply)
Specification :0.5KW-10KW

1.       INTRODUCE

PYD Series power/lighting mixture type EPS is adopts modern power electronic switching technique and PWM technique. And it also adopts the latest intelligent model, CPU control, has a perfect protection function, very reliable, safe, and very easy to maintenance. This product special design as the equipment that offering the second or the third power for the first level load especial important load, fire fighting establishment, and fire fighting emergency lighting, etc.


2.       PURPOSE

All kinds of building, medical system, traffic system, finance system, government, super market, school, yard, square and so on.


3.       USE RANGE

*No noise, no emitting smoke, no social effects of pollution, no fire hidden trouble

*Auto switch, can realize operating by itself, no man master beside

*Save energy, will not lose power when it is preparing for offering emergency power

*Good performance, steady, safe, reliable, and a long service life

*Using with generator can get a competitive price and good performance.



*CPU control, pure sine wave output

*Adopt intelligent model, output steadily

*Suitable for inductive load and mixture load

*Can control by RS232, realize intelligent monitoring, fire fighting control.

*LCD, LED display, be able alarm by sound and light, easy to maintenance.



Install On the ground or on the wall.


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