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Specification :24V10A

The Positive or Negative pulse charger of "the number controls"
(Apply the charger of various electric voltage, electric current specification)

This series product adopts SCM numeral control, compared with the common charger, main advantage's lying in can be accurate of auto examination battery electric voltage, realization the best full-automatic positive, negative pulse refresh mode alternately.Because the positive pulse can clean vulcanization of the pole board of battery and can act in repairment of battery in time, and negative pulse again clear polarization, reduce to charge electric voltage, Improve an efficiency of charge, thus not making battery lose water easily, also not show to swell and bulge, can attain quickly charge , ample purpose.This charger can complete ability of the automatic that break electric current, protecting battery, using convenience, safety credibility.Suggest to start using from the new battery, It will be valid of extension battery service life.

Main Specifications:

◆ Rated electric-network power frequency: 50-60Hz   Allowing-error: 10%

◆ Rated electric-network power Voltage:   AC220V    Allowing-error: 10%

◆ Rated positive pulse average width: 5S-10S

◆ Rated negative pulse average width: 30 ms - 100 ms

◆ Rated single-set battery of float-charge voltage:14V

◆ Rated float-charge close using equipment current:0.01C

◆ Rated full charge time: 4--8hours