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Sine Wave Output:
50HZ Sine Wave can be match with the utility power. It can output sine wave of low distortion degree in either AC mode or battery mode, which guarantees the best main power for the load equipment of the customers.
Zero Switch Time:
ZC switch design ensures you no black screen and guarantees you the reliability of load running and data saving.
To compare with high frequency UPS or backup UPS, LANGKE Sine Prince online UPS and 500VA~10KVA UPS can supply the best power source for the loaded equipments in a more steady way. Also, they possess stronger anti-concussion and anti-overload ability that can adapt to the toughest electric environment.
Anode-Cathode Detect Function For Battery Input:
To prevent the false input of the anode and cathode wires, LANGKE Sine Prince V-Sine2-10K(S) have the Zero Livewire False Input Detect Function.
Input Power Factor Correction:
Sine Prince UPS possesses input function. Input power factor can reach above 0.95 while full loaded. This prevents the electric net environment from being polluted.
DC Start-up:
Sine Prince UPS can start by using battery when the utility power is off and computer or other appliances are needed. This makes UPS more convenient and reliable.
Bypass Protection:
Bypass supply function makes the emergency handle ability of UPS much more stronger. Meanwhile, when the loaded appliance has special demand on the power source, such as the voltage cannot be too high, Sine Prince UPS can provide Sideway Supply Voltage Over High Protection, which avoid the danger of high voltage.
No One Around Function:
When the utility power is in unusual condition, UPS will switch into battery mode until the power run out. When the utility power restores to normal condition, Sine Prince UPS will start automatically with normal supply. Moreover, the Sine Prince Software has a design that automatically charges and discharges the battery every 60days. Frequency Conversion Startup Function
Different from other high frequency UPS, Sine Prince series has frequency conversion startup function.  When the load starts up, its output can raise up to 3~5 times larger than its rated output, Sine Prince series remains safe and stable.
  Long Endurance Design
The Sine series UPS provides different kinds of Long Endurance Power Supply for the choices of customers. A proper selected battery group can provide power supply as long as approximately 12 hours to fit different needs of different electric environments. Powerful Charge Up Ability
Besides a longer endurance of power supply, Sine Prince series Long Endurance Power Supply is also powerful in charging up. It can provide a primary charging current of approximately 7~8A. Self-Check Function
Sine Prince series UPS can imitate the situation of power disconnection to shift to battery mode for self-check. This function can be realized by Netcca monitor software regularly or randomly. Stable Resistance to Disturbance
Aims at the resistance to electric-magnetic and radio-frequency disturbances, Sine Prince series UPS is designed under international standards EN50091-2 & IEC61000-4, The design therefore enhanced the safety and reliability of the UPS.
P ossible to Collocate with Power Generator
Wide ranges of input pressure and frequency make Sine Prince series UPS is able to collocate with power generators , at the same time it can effectively eliminates harmful power made by the generator and therefore provide clean/safe/stable power to the loads. Able to Connect with Inductive Load
Sine Prince series UPS is able to connect with inductive load (pf=0.8).
Free Download NetccaPower3.0 Monitor Software from Our Website
To make customers’ management to UPS more convenient and effective, Netcca website provides NetccaPower3.0 Monitor Software for free download. That can make intelligentize management come true.
Expandable Long-distance Monitor Suits.
Sine Prince series UPS is able to realize long-distance monitor by using following expandable parts:
Netcca GSM digital MODEM. By which customers are able to get detailed information of the running UPS anywhere in the world and control UPS by mobile phone and monitor the running situation of more than one UPS in a long distance. 

Technical specification







Voltage range






Voltage regulation

220(1±2%)VAC(Battery modle)


50(1±2%)(Battery modle)


Sine wave



Battery Voltage



Labor frequency on-line, crosses the zero transformation


>110% 3S tum to bypass mode;>150% 200ms tum to bypass

Communication connection


Operating environment


Operating Temperature


Relative hunmidity




Werght (kg)



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