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switch power supply
Model :GM-1500
Specification :1100-2000W

1. AC input voltage range:
   100~240VAC, 90-120VAC,170-250VAC

2. Input frequency range: 4763Hz
3. DC Input voltage range:

   9~28VDC, 18~36VDC, 36~72VDC, 85~176VDC, 200~400VDC
4. Output voltage:  DC5-300V
5. Output power:  200W-4000W
6. Efficiency: >75%(representative value)

7. Linear adjust rate: ≤0.5%
8. Load adjust rate: ≤1%
9. Vein wave and noise: ≤1%V

10. Output time after being cut off: 20ms(220VAC,representative value)
11. Start time: <IS(220VAC)
12. Temperature factor: <±0.03%/℃
13. Output voltage adjust range: ±10%
(main circuit)
14. Output overload protection: 105%-150%
15. Output over voltage protection: 115%-150%
16. Bearable voltage
    Input- Output: 3KVAC/min
  Input- Ground: 1.5KVAC/min
    Output- Ground: 0.5KVDC/min
17. Insulated impedance: ≥100MΩ
18. Operating temperature: 045℃-10℃60℃-25℃60℃-25℃75℃
19. Safety standard: GB4943,UL1950,EN60950,CE, CCC

20. EMC standard: EN55022 CLASS B,FCC Part 15, EN61000

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